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Setting A New Precedent For Chicago After Dark

Giving new meaning to a night out on the town, TZAR unleashes anindulgent experience for the city of Chicago. This premier hybrid between club and lounge is here to reign and ready to take Chicago nightlife to the nextlevel.


From the moment one arrives, they will receive an experience beyond compare.
Designed by Aimee Wertepny and her Wicker Park based design firm PROjECT., TZAR’s unbelievable and provocative décor is unmatched. Whether accommodating large parties, drinks after work or an intimate night out on the town for two, TZAR’s atmosphere is able to provide a tailored experience for every guest.
From the private fireside seating to the opulent, raised VIP areas, TZAR provides an ever-changing scene for guests.
Opening its doors to guests who are enjoying post dinner or early evening cocktails, TZAR offers an intimate space complemented by signature cocktail creations. For guests who wish to host private events, Kinzie Chophouse will offer a signature catering menu from which guests can choose various culinary creations to fit their specific needs.



Throughout the evening, TZAR’s atmosphere evolves in order to offer guests an experience which caters to any Chicago social scene. Hosting thecity’s hottest DJ’s and entertainment, TZAR transforms into Chicago’s premier Ultra Lounge once night settles. After passing TZAR’s threshold, guests enter into a space unlike any other in the city.

Opulent beyond description, TZAR provides guests with a truly unique and lavish environment. From walls dripping with gold to leather tufted ceilings, TZAR’s attention to detail begins with its surroundings. Setting a new standard for Chicago nightlife trendsetters, TZAR has taken chic to new heights.
A variety of aspects from world renowned nightclubs collide in order to create TZAR Ultra Lounge. Incorporating elegant Russian inspiration and European influences with the indulgence of Las Vegas and the style of Manhattan, TZAR blends the best aspects of haute nightlife to create this Chicago powerhouse.

Featuring over 150 hand-chosen Vodka spirits, TZAR caters to every taste. Creators James Oraha and Myles Cunningham of Level Builders, Chicago’s premier construction and design firm, are taking the meaning of VIP to a new level with TZAR’s innovative Vodka Vault. Elevated above the Ultra Lounge floor, this translucent refrigerated private area houses TZAR’s incomparable selection of vodkas as well as the few lucky VIPs asked to experience thisicy amenity.
At the hands of TZAR’spremier bartenders, guests will be treated to TZAR’s signature cocktails within this glass vault. Constantly chilled to 27°F, TZAR keeps guests of the Vodka Vault warm with signature mink coats and extravagant cocktail creations such as the Limonchello Cooler featuring fresh muddled limes and oranges, simple syrup, Hanger One Citron and Limonchello, topped with ginger ale and a dash of orange bitters. TZAR guests will be able to order specialty cocktails from TZAR’s signature iPaddrink menus. Allowing guests to experience TZAR’svast spirit and specialty cocktail selections, TZAR’s iPad menus answer every question guests may have. Additional features will allow guests to learn more about the 150 available vodka varieties as well as offering peaks into vodka production and its origin in Eastern Europe.



PROjECT has taken the concept of “Russian inspired vodka lounge” to a new level. Juxtaposing elements of fire and ice, light and reflection, concrete and faux fur, old world decadence and modern day luxury and ornate and industrial themes, the space brings a unique nightlife experience to Chicago.



Notable schematic items includeblack mirrors, blood red studded hide chairs, custom polished nickel furniture and lighting, custom eco-friendly recycled upholstery, and antiqued mirror and lucite accents.These are highlighted with glamorous embellishments including glistening gold ceiling treatments, Tibetan lamb fur accents and a fur clad “niche” bar in the back of the lounge.

Statement features include a dramatic curved wall and ceiling clad in mirrored tiles floating over the main bar. A dark and dramatic entryway “tunnel” links the exterior to the main space.
The charcoal painted walls are accented with a lacquered “liquid gold” epoxy that adds drama and decadence. There is also a hint of an “industrial” vibe with raw materials of rubber, recycled wood ties, concrete, steel and exposed architecture.
A notable feature includes the Vodka Vault made of ice and encased glass which is embellished with an oversized crystal chandelier. Lucky VIP patrons are invited to throw on a fur cloak and venture in for a VIP vodka tasting.
The Ultra Lounge features provocative wall graphics and imagery on canvas by local artist Sue Duffy. PROjECT conceptualized TZAR from its commencement; what started as a dream of owner James Oraha is now a reality.

Located in River North’s booming nightlight district, TZAR Ultra Lounge introduces a new and exciting twist on Chicago’s already flourishing club and lounge industry by exhibiting a royal atmosphere that Chicago has never seen before. TZAR Ultra Lounge provides guests a sexy and decadent experience. With its regal service, exclusive vodka vault and provocative décor, TZAR is a lavish and sexy lounge that will leave a lasting impression.

TZAR is located at 215 W Ontario and is open Thursday—Friday from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. and Saturday from 8:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. For more information please call 312-255-8927 or visit



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Tzar Chicago
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Thu 10:00pm – 2:00am
Fri 10:00pm – 2:00am
Sat 10:00pm – 3:00am


215 W Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60654
PH: (312) 255.8927